Carillon Tours Schedule

During the Art Spectacular Weekend (September 11 and 12) all tours are canceled.

The Rees Carillon and Tower is available for tours. Come and see the carillon, a very unique instrument consisting of 67 cast bronze bells range in weight from 22 pounds to 7½ tons with a total bell weight of ~85,000 pounds. It currently ranks within the as the eight-largest in the world. The guided tour includes a 12 minute movie about the history of carillons in the world, an explanation on the workings of this unique musical instrument, and a chance to touch, admire and take pictures with the largest bell in the tower. In addition the 12-story carillon tower with its observation decks offers spectacular views of Washington Park and Springfield from the city’s highest point of elevation.

Enjoy an “insider’s view” of this extraordinary architectural landmark and rare musical instrument.

Allow 30 minutes for the tour.

Tour Admission Fees

Adults (16 and above): $4.50 Children (5 through 15): $3.50

No Reservations. First Come – First Serve. Max group size 6 adults.


During the Art Spectacular Weekend (September 11 and 12) all tours are canceled.

We are happy to announce that tower tours have resumed.

The tour schedule
THROUGH September 29


5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM (No tour during concert)
7:00 PM

All tours on first come first serve basis. Number of adults per tour is 6.


(Labor Day through Memorial Day)

No Tours Available.